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    I have been there… I know what you are experiencing…. And I know how to take those feelings and turn them into exquisite portraits that will bring those emotions right back when you admire your images in the years to come.

    Don’t you want to remember exactly how you felt when he was so nervous getting ready to pop the question he could barely get the words out? How much you dreamed about your lives together as one? The months & months of preparation that went into that perfect day where you proclaim your love for each other. And when that day came, you smiled through your tears as you said your vows.

    How about the moment you realized when the two of you were becoming three? And then you blink and your little one is starting school…. Only to realize too quick that graduation is around the corner. We live in a world where time doesn’t stand still; where first tears become first steps, first days, first loves, and then suddenly, college good-bye’s come all too soon. Days and moments that special deserve professional portraiture. I see life through the lens. I cherish these moments as much as you do because I am living them!

    A little bit about me:

    I’m Shelby Robinson. Born and raised in small town Kansas, my formal education is as a biologist. Medical school was where I was headed, but the need to be an active mom to my children and wife to my high school sweetheart, pulled me in a different direction. So after graduating from Kansas Newman College in 1997, I started my full time adventure in photography, following my mother’s footsteps. Today, five children later, I am still living and loving my life as a photographer. I strive to deliver quality portraits to my clients, because I know all too well, as I watch my own children growing up overnight, that the moments I capture through the lens are fleeting and I am so thankful for those portraits that can take me back to that time, just like it was yesterday.

    My style blends the comprehensive approach of traditional photography with a contemporary eye for design. I like props, but I like expressions, moments, and stories even more. When you hire me you will be working with a full-time photographer with over 15 years of experience. Your photos will be professionally edited, color corrected, balanced and composed. I will even act as your personal image consultant and design your in-home photo gallery for a beautifully organized wall display.

    Now that’s full service!

    I would love to chat with you and see how we can make sure that all of the best bits of your loves and your life are captured so your story is completely illustrated with stunning portraits of each precious age and event. Give me a call today!

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